Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Catch Up

Recently my life has been on hold due to my second year university exams, but I still managed to enjoy some of the sunshine and thought I would give you a little catch up.

1. Do you think this 'someone please make me pancakes' hint is too subtle? Pancakes are a very good motivator to revise! Do some revision before breakfast and then take a break whilst the pancakes are still warm! 
2. As I said, I managed to enjoy some of the sunshine, but of course you need to remember the SPF and sunglasses! 
3. Different sunglasses and a nice refreshing option from Starbucks to keep me revising in the sunshine.
4. Chloe looking a bit tired after keeping me company in the garden all day. 

5. Indulging in mini scones with jam and cream, as a prototype for an afternoon tea party we are hosting for over 30 people (over 50 really, but only 30-40 are going to be sat down being served).
6.When it gets a little too hot for Chloe, she still keeps me company, but hides under a bush to be in the shade
7. Taking Chloe for a walk in the sunshine amongst all the gorgeous bluebells.
8. Last, a sneaky revision snapchat to my friends. We were all suffering revising for months on end and little giggles can keep you going! 

Just a quick catch up, but now my exams have finished I am hoping to finally restart my social life and come out of hibernation. Good luck to all of you still with exams and congratulations to all of you that are lucky enough to have finished! 

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