Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Catch Up

Recently my life has been on hold due to my second year university exams, but I still managed to enjoy some of the sunshine and thought I would give you a little catch up.

1. Do you think this 'someone please make me pancakes' hint is too subtle? Pancakes are a very good motivator to revise! Do some revision before breakfast and then take a break whilst the pancakes are still warm! 
2. As I said, I managed to enjoy some of the sunshine, but of course you need to remember the SPF and sunglasses! 
3. Different sunglasses and a nice refreshing option from Starbucks to keep me revising in the sunshine.
4. Chloe looking a bit tired after keeping me company in the garden all day. 

5. Indulging in mini scones with jam and cream, as a prototype for an afternoon tea party we are hosting for over 30 people (over 50 really, but only 30-40 are going to be sat down being served).
6.When it gets a little too hot for Chloe, she still keeps me company, but hides under a bush to be in the shade
7. Taking Chloe for a walk in the sunshine amongst all the gorgeous bluebells.
8. Last, a sneaky revision snapchat to my friends. We were all suffering revising for months on end and little giggles can keep you going! 

Just a quick catch up, but now my exams have finished I am hoping to finally restart my social life and come out of hibernation. Good luck to all of you still with exams and congratulations to all of you that are lucky enough to have finished! 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Coach - Madison Cafe Carryall

I am a big fan of Coach bags, they are just such high quality bags, have so many different styles and lets be very vain (and honest) here and say, how gorgeous and stylish they all are.  

The bag is of such high quality, the zips unbelievably smooth, the handles, although seemingly thin for such a bag, are very durable, with metal attaching them to the body of the bag at thick leather loops. 

The subtle extra embellishments are a gorgeous extra, with the gold metal zips and attachments, they set the bag off beautifully, adding to its luxurious feel and adding that je ne sais quoi when it comes to class. 

I wanted a black bag to be more of a suits any outfit sort of bag and one that could hold a lot and this bag ticks all the right boxes. It consists of three compartments, yet not structured compartments, which I am a big advocate of, as I like to have a lot of things and not having to play tetris to fit them in my bag is a massive bonus. The bag looks reasonably symmetrical, having one centre compartment of a reasonably large size, closed by a zip. The two compartments either side are more of less the same, however the back compartment is sealed with a zip, the from one with a magnetic clasp. I love the front compartment for those easy to grab items, yet it is so close to your arm you don't worry about people being able to see what is inside. 

The leather itself is not your classic smooth leather, but I wouldn't go as far as to say pebbled, more a hybrid of the two, combining to give a beautifully smooth leather that moulds easily and yet keeps it structure true to the bags initial shape, so you don't look like you are carrying as much as you really are, I wouldn't compare it to Mary Poppins' bag, but the thought did cross my mind! 

I am so smitten with my bag and I am glad I added it to my collection, hopefully soon to be followed by another.  Have you tried anything by Coach? 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Top 5 Lip Products This Spring

Spring is well underway and now I can trust the car won't be frozen each morning, I think it's time to start thinking about changing into a more spring/summer look. I think one of the easiest ways to noticably change your makeup is to change your lip colour.

I have put together my top 5: the lip products I have been grabbing most in the past few weeks. Clearly there is a trend here, all five are lip crayons! I just love them at the moment, plus I tend to go for darker lipsticks and lighter, brighter lip crayons.

From top to bottom in the picture:
First is Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry - This is like my own lip colour, yet making it a bit darker, which may not seem very spring-y, but it just adds a subtly extra to your lip colour, making them a slightly deeper pink. I love this, as it gives a great touch to my makeup making the whole appearance look like me, but better.

Cliniqye Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy - this is a pink that doesn't add a candy pink to your lips so you look like barbie, but adds a pink to your lips that makes them look fuller! But it is definitely a good shade for the sunshine, a great day look when you're opting for less-is-more, but with a gorgeous pink shade on your lips. Of course, you can layer on more to get more coverage, but I think this looks great with once, blot, reapply.

Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious - So, the past two products I have been saying they are more on the subtle side, yes? Well, this is the exact opposite! I mean, bright orange with slight red undertones. I absolutely love this product, I never thought I was very daring with my lip products, but Audacious is... its definitely in your face, look at my gorgeous lips territory. If you don't want to draw attention to yourself, then this may not be the product for you, yet I can't believe how bold it is... its great! It screams summer in the sun, definitely a must for summer home and away!

Clinique Chubby Stick in Oversized Orange - This is a more sublte orange, it adds colour to your lips, but it is more sheer and glossy. I like to have this in my bag to touch up on the go, as there is less mess if I paint outside the lines (please tell me its not just me that tends to have this mishap in a rush?) Its a great summer colour to have in your bag at all times.

Revlon Balm Stain in Rendezvous - This is like an amped up version of Oversized Orange, with am impressive colour considering it is not matte and looks like it should be quite sheer. I would class it as a happy medium if you want more than Oversized Orange, but don't think you're quite ready for Audacious. I find myself applying this when I want quite a bit of colour, but maybe full on orange lip is not necessary for just talking Chloe for a walk* or running around. I think it gives you that classy, effortless look.

I would definitely recommend indulging in some orange lip products this spring/summer, I wasn't sure I would wear them, but I can't get enough of them now. Start off simple if you're wary, or do like I did and apply you're first orange lip as Audacious at 7am for a day at uni, just because I could! Do what feels best, but definitely give it a try; go turn some heads!

What are your favourite lip products for this season?

*Some days I will go makeup less (... yes WAY) to walk Chloe, some days I will be in full makeup, bright orange Audacious lips, or in colder days MAC Russian Red, because why not!? But Rendezvous is my happy medium, perfect!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick and The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion

I will be brutally honest here and say that when I was a younger, I always thought once I grew up and got past eighteen that my skin would miraculously stop getting blemishes^. But, now, in my twenties I can say that this is not the case! 

I do not have problem skin, but any blemish on my face can seem like a problem when it appears. I have tried many different approaches to getting rid of them, from leaving them, to creams, gels, lotions, potions, willing them to go down, but they didn't all work for me. However, in my search to find something that works... I did! It is an ingredient that is well known for helping skin, but I have combined two products that seem to compliment each other like a dream. 

The Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion, £9.00 - I absolutely adore this product, it has lasted me a long time and is still going strong. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin and unlike some products used to combat and prevent blemishes, it doesn't dry my skin. 
As the bottle suggests, I apply this at night,  after my moisturiser, using just one pump for the whole face. It sinks in very quickly and you can hardly tell you've applied it. Then it does it magic over night, reducing any blemishes and preventing them - which is no easy thing for this time of year for me, as exam season is upon us, and exams bring crazy stressed out me out to play, and this version of me gets break-outs (like I wasn't stressed enough)! But, having used this every night, that has not happened, not only am I not getting stress induced break-outs, I am getting less than I normally ever do. It's not just because of the Sun helping my skin, I have been using this product for months and my skin has improved so much, reducing those pesky blemishes to be few and far between! I cannot recommend this product enough, whether you are prone to breakouts all year round, just want to avoid the odd blemish, or just want to try it out over a crazy stressed out time, I would definitely recommend this! For £9.00 and it lasts a long time, what-on-earth is stopping you?

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick, £2.59 - This product is used after I have applied my Night Lotion. I apply it to areas that are looking a bit suspicious, as though my skin is warning me of a blemish, or if I have a blemish. I apply it at night, as my powder foundation goes on fine over it, but tends to stick to it a bit as the day goes on, which if you think about it, you probably want it to stay on a blemish longer, but I just opt for concealer or something else - call it personal preference crossed with finickity-ness. Yes, so I apply it at night and when I get up in the morning, there is often no need for concealer, my normal foundation will do the job, for the process of the blemish disappearing is well underway, and possible blemishes have changed their mind and disappeared altogether! For less than £3 this is a wonder product, well it would be a fabulous product if you stuck a 0 on the end of the price!!

Both of these put together cost less than £12 and will mean you wake up, look in the mirror and are so amazingly, happily, gleefully, 'WOW' surprised at the vast improvement. I would give this combination a whirl, especially as the summer is upon us and it is the season of lighter foundations, getting your makeup washed off in the pool and generally wanting to have clearer skin. Plus, the sizes of these products are perfect for packing in your holiday skin care, from the rules and regulations as I remember them, they can even go on the plane with you! So, take these two to keep your skin looking fab, so all you have to worry about is having the time of your life! 

Let me know if you've tried these products, or plan to. OR if you have any wonder products of your own we should all be giving a go? 

^I say blemish a lot, I mean anything such as spot, pimple, red thing that hasn't decided if its a spot or whatever the heck you want to call them - but I don't like the word 'spot' it makes me go 'urgh' - like 'ointment', again "urgh"

Trial and Error

Now, I haven't posted on here in my twenties at all! I am not quite sure what I am doing at the moment, I wanted to post about different things that weren't just beauty, yet my blog name was quite specific, so I thought I would have a fresh start, so I started Whimsicality. However, I still feel connected to this little place and don't feel it is right for me to give up on it. So, for that reason I am still debating what to do. Do I ignore my specific blog name, change my blog name, or move over to the other blog? 

At the moment I am verging towards updating this little blog, give it a spruce up, update it and choose a few of my favourite posts from my other blog and put them up here. 

I am still undecided, but hey, it's a woman's birth right to be indecisive right? So, please bear with me during this oh so .... inconclusive issue, but I will let you know as soon as I do. 

But, in the mean time, I will be transferring some of my other posts over here for you to have a gander at.

Let me know if you stop by my 'other' blog (I feel like I am cheating on Trial and Error Beauty by saying that) and if you have any solutions for me :)

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