Monday, 25 November 2013

Glittery Gift Bag

I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping gifts, be it with good ol’ fashioned wrapping paper or putting those awkward to wrap gifts in bags. Although, having expressed my rekindled love of crafting in a previous post, I thought I would add a little crafty touch to wrapping gifts this year. I am going to start with a super simple, but I think really cute, idea for bags.

I bought some brown paper bags from Amazon (I think I bought about 50-100, so I am set for quite a while - and lots of trial and error) and thought I would add my own design to them. The first design is simply a way to decorate the handle of the bag. I think it makes such a difference and I love the fact that it makes it all glittery and I think is all that is needed to make the gift look all festive!

All you need is
  • a paper bag
  • a hole puncher
  • glittery paper (or any paper you wish to use)
  • glue 

To design your gift bag:
  1. Use the hole puncher to make lots of little circles of glittery card by punching holes in selected card. (Top Tip: make sure you either remove the bit that collects the punched out bits of paper, or at least empty this bit before you start).
  2. Collect punched parts of card.
  3. Glue to the handle of the card in any way, shape or form you fancy! 
  4. Admire glittery gift bag! 

I will try and post a few more ideas in the next few weeks. I hope you liked my first installment into festive gift wrapping; I would love to know your best ways to wrap gifts to add that personal touch! 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Natural Collection Lipstick in Crimson

Being a newly converted red lipstick lover I am always on the hunt for a great red shade. Although the price always has to be taken into account, as when you never know what it is going to turn out like, you can't spend a fortune time and time again (even if you want to).

I wanted a bold red, one that stood out from the rest, wasn't too dark, wasn't at all pinky and I didn't want to settle for less! So, being the realistic *ahem* and easily pleased *pah* person I am, I have given up on many lipsticks I have seen in stores, deeming them 'not quite right'. So when I saw this product I thought it looked great in store, but it couldn't possibly be perfect for that price, right? Well ladies, I was wrong! I love it! It is all the things I wanted above! Plus it is slightly less matte than some lipsticks, which is exactly what I will want in the autumn and winter months.

I know I have mentioned the price and so I was trying to find the lipstick online and I just can't find it! But, from memory I think they retail at £1.99 in store! Which is an absolute bargain in my opinion!

Have you got any favourite red lipsticks? 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

All Crafty

I have recently become even more obsessed with crafts and homemade goods. I have always loved being able to sew and ever since I was little I would sit in a restaurant, waiting room, car, anywhere you can think a child would get bored, and sew, do crafts, or even attempt knitting (I’m still working on not adding that phantom extra stitch!). Of course, there is the normal homemade Christmas cards which I’m sure lots of people do, have done or would love to do. I did all this up to a few years ago, when we had to buy Christmas cards! I blame exams being around winter and not wanting to be festive when the sun is still beating down in the summer holidays! But, recently I have looked at so many crafty blogs and Etsy stores that I have rekindled my love of crafting, dreaming up my own ideas for Christmas cards (although too late for this year) and coming up with a large wish list of crafty things for my Birthday and Christmas. 

I thought I would share with you some great inspiration that has... inspired me to get knitting, sewing, gluing, sticking and generally getting back into an amazing hobby again. 


Just to show how good they are; it took me ages to get the links for these because I kept getting distracted with all the crafty goodness within the sites! 

But, I am always on the look out for new crafty blogs to look at, so if you read (or write) any amazingly crafty blogs, please leave the links in the comments below!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just Trying To Help

Around this time of year we will all be thinking of sending gifts in the post and since the first gifts I have sent this year have been returned to me for having restricted goods in them, I thought it was only right that I let you learn from my mistakes. Especially as those restricted items were nail polish, which if you’re anything like me, I am obsessed with nail polish. I by no means know all the restrictions, but having sent a nail polish/nail art kit and having it returned, I wanted to warn you. I completely agree in the post service having to screen for dangerous items and I feel much safer knowing they do this! However, if you are to a deadline, such as a Secret Santa deadline or are last minute in trying to send something abroad, then I don’t want you to be upset when it lands back on your doorstep a few days later (or not if you only sent the one thing and it was restricted, as the restricted goods are destroyed and not returned to you, for safety reasons). Because, if it was like me, I had included two other gifts and lots of Christmas cards etc, which all had been opened and we all know how awkward it is to find the right size envelope for Christmas cards (or that may be just me). 

I do feel for the people having to open all these parcels, as I would guess around Christmas time they get quite a few (possibly loads of) people making the same mistakes as I did, but they do this all for our safety! So, I would advise you have a look at the restricted goods list and/or ask at the post office, as you don’t want to be getting super stressed near Christmas looking for a replacement gift and having to spend double the amount (the restricted goods are destroyed for safety reasons).

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

After hearing so many good things about these brushes I was curious to say the least! I wanted to see if it was true. I will admit I do not buy it in order to use it for foundation, but bought it to apply cream blushers. 

The brush is much softer than I expected and you hardly need to apply any pressure to the brush to blend in blusher. It blends it so quickly and evenly I was shocked how flawless it turned out. When I use this for foundation, I can definitely tell the difference it makes to my skin! It looks more flawless than it probably ever has been! It is also so quick and easy to apply foundation, as I know some people think it is quicker to just blend foundation with your fingers, but I just don't understand how that is quicker, especially with this brush on the market! I love this brush and use it daily and have used it with different consistencies of foundations, from my thinner Clinique Superbalanced to the Seventeen On the Spot thicker foundation and it has worked amazingly for both!

If I am being honest I would love a second brush in order to use it solely for foundation, but at £11.99 each I think I will wait a bit before going out and getting it! I'm not saying this brush isn't great, but £23.98 for two of the same brush is a bit on the splurging side for a student budget!

Have you given in and bought one yet? What do you think? 

Friday, 8 November 2013


I am going to try to get back to blogging more regularly and to try and do so, I am going to try and blog about slightly different topics along with the normal beauty posts.

I thought I would start with a recent trip to Starbucks because, as I ordered my usual Mocha I was asked if I wanted to try the orange Mocha, which is one of the Christmas range. The barrista described it as tasting like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, so I thought I would give it a try. Now, not being very adventurous when it comes to my regular drinks and meals, I thought I would let you know if it is worth a go, if you too are like me and don’t stray from your favourites for fear of not liking the change, but want something a little different this Christmas. 

Personally I would say the drink tasted more like the orange chocolates you get in a box of Quality Street, rather than a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. But, for me this is definitely a Christmas taste, as I only really think of eating Quality Street at Christmas time. 

The big question is whether I would order it again, and I have to say I probably would. Although, I don’t think I would order it to take out, as I feel like I am ruining the effect, as there was chocolate sauce and of course the option of masses of whipped cream, and putting a to go lid on this just seems cruel! So, if you’re near a Starbucks and want a great change to a classic coffee (yes, Mochas are a classic to me) then I would recommend going in and warming up with this little festive treat! 

Have you tried any of the Starbucks festive range? 

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