Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Weekly Fabulous Blog... Lets Drive Far Away

I have to be honest and say I am writing a few too many of these posts and scheduling them, because once you try to decide which blog to write about you can get too carried away and want to choose so many!

So this week I have chosen Lets Drive Far Away by Poppy. This blog is a mix of high street and high end beauty products. I love that you can scroll through her posts and find a variety of different price ranges and products with amazing full reviews.

I personally don't want to buy a product unless I know roughly what it will look like once I open it, (yet I will not open one of the products in store as I would hate it if someone did that to something I would eventually buy). With the reviews on Poppy's blog there are so many swatches showing you what the colour is, the consistency or how it applies that you know what you will be getting should you get the product! Look at the amazing Clarins Lip Perfecter swatches... I am going to have to save up and have a big spree!

The reviews are of lots of different products, ranging from nail polishes to face powder to magazine freebies! You can tell she really takes time to select which products she wants to review and tell you about.

Go have to look at her blog and there will no doubt be so many things you will be adding to your wish list! Oh, and I have to say ... How cute is her puppy!?!? So adorable!


  1. you are far too kind :) thank you for thinking of me and saying lovely things! x

    1. Thank you for letting me feature your blog, I love reading it! Xx

  2. Aww such a lovely feature! I am a new subscriber of Poppy's but I have to really agree with everything you say here :) Great blog (adorable dog!)

    1. Thank you! There are so many great blogs I love, I just had to share :) ( isn't he just!!!) xx


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