Monday, 27 May 2013

Essie Penny Talk

Product: Essie Nail polish, Penny Talk
Price: Around £8.99 (based on Amazon)
Source: Glossy Box

I have to admit, I had never bought an Essie nail polish or to be honest even thought about it before technically purchasing one as part of a Glossy Box. Although, this wasn't because I didn't think they were any good, but simply because I am on a student budget and can't afford everything.

The formula dries so quickly that by the time you have painted both hands and go back to the start they are practically solid, which makes it so quick to apply; especially if you decide to paint your nails just before you need to leave the house! However, the draw back to this is if you don't pain your nail evenly and go back to slightly correct it, by the time you have got more nail varnish on your brush it will streak when you reapply. But, as long as you ensure you apply evenly the first time around, this will not be a problem.

The second thing I have to say about this, is ow quickly it seems to peel. I know some days I will apply nail polish in the morning and by the afternoon I will be taking it off in order to swap it for another colour. But I like this to be my own decision; not to look at my freshly painted nails (less than 24hours of wear) to find them noticeably peeling. I am not sure whether this is because of their normal consistency or whether it is just the mirror metallics range, so I will probably invest in another normal colour by Essie and see how that goes, so I am in no means writing them off, as I love that the polish dries almost instantaneously. I haven't even mentioned the colour, which I think is fabulous, the copper tones are really attractive, and they are neutral enough to wear everyday, but classy enough to wear in the evening. So, as I said, I will just have to invest in another to be able to decide on them properly (its necessary to buy another nail polish, what is a girl to do?)!

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

OPI Nail Lacquer - Thanks a windmillion

Product: OPI Nail Lacquer, Thanks a windmillion
Source: Bought
Price: Fragrance direct: £3.99
Rating: 4.5 / 5

I bought this from Fragrance Direct, thanks to seeing a post by Fee on Makeup Savvy, I am so used to paying up to £10 for one OPI, I was so shocked when I saw they were £3.99. Now, I do understand they are mainly last year's Holland range, but, personally I am not bothered if it is last years range; if I like a colour, why shouldn't I wear it this spring? There are so many different nail trends around this spring/summer; from statement nails, neutral nails, metallic nails, deep colours, nail art; you name it, I will have seen somewhere trying to claim it as this season's best nail trend. So I think now we are coming to the end of the textured nail trend (I mean, they were never going to last in the pool really anyway, were they), nail polish is back to matte; glitter and glossy!

Anyway, back to the nail polish at hand! This is actually a really great colour; I bought it thinking it looked slightly different to what I already had, plus it was £3.99!! (I'm still not over that price yet!) I had recently taken my gel nails off and my nails were a little worse for wear, since I decided soaking them in water and peeling them off was a good idea (learn from my mistakes; it isn't my wisest moment). So I had filed them short and wasn't too keen on them; so I was not optimistic about any nail polish being able to make them presentable; but hating bare nails at the moment I thought a new colour was a must! I used two coats and no base coat or top coat (still at uni and hadn't bought a new one yet) and that was it; I fell in love with the colour. I love OPI and the quality was as expected; but the colour was great for my nails, maybe its because it was so pale a green, yet totally stood out, or maybe its because I just wasn't expecting it to be such a great colour on such short nails. I think it is a colour you can use in any season too; no waiting for the sun to make it seem appropriate, or for the cold to make it seem festive, this was just a colour to suit everyone at every season! I have to admit the picture isn't the best, as I painted my nails and then went out before taking the photo, but I have to say, considering I had been writing for a three hour exam and revision between painting my nails and taking the photo, they are in great condition!

For those who don't know how I feel about OPI, the quality is just great; they apply so easily, with maximum two coats needed, they dry reasonably quickly and last longer than most polishes I use, so the only thing I ever really need to think about is the price and the colour, as I would buy all of them if I could, but that may be a tad excessive (or so I have been told).


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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Late spring clean

I recently decided that my room needed a spruce up; no more leaving my day-to-day jewellery loose on my dressing table because I'm always in such a rush in the morning to go riffling through my draws and jewellery box to find it. I needed to organise a few things, but I didn't want to just go out any buy any old trinket box or have to spend copious amounts of money on something swanky.

So I thought I would write a post (or maybe a few more if I decide to keep a few other things I have found) on how I managed this for free, to try and help those of you that are in the same situation as me to do the same.

I decided to recycle something of my grandmothers. Looking through the many things our grandparents collect over time, some will have to become fashionable again one day! Well, although I don't want to store this dish in a cabinet as my grandmother did, I thought it would look pretty on my dressing table to hold my day-to-day things. Nothing such as clutter though; no keep those tatty hair bobbles and  massive key rings with furry animals attached somewhere else please!

The key to this form of storage is making sure that you keep the contents minimal; I personally have my watch and a few other things I use every day, but you could always put your favourite, most colourful, most colour co-ordinated, or even your 'look what I just bought' jewellery in a trinket such as this. It all depends on the type of thing you manage to find in your charity store hunt; I have a few more things I may write posts about if I manage to put them to good use, so maybe you'll get a few ideas form those as well. You never know, maybe you already have the perfect centre piece for your dressing table hidden in the loft!

I personally got these things from my grandmother, but why not have a look in charity stores or car boot sales for those timeless classics that people are selling. You don't need to go into a high street store to find something fashionable; why not try vintage to add a bit of class to your home.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Body Shop Lip Butter

Product: Coconut Lip Butter
Price: £4.00
Source: The Body Shop store
Rating: 4.5 / 5

The Body Shop is well known for its key scents, mango, shea, pink grapefruit and coconut. I have to say, that although I love them all, I always seem to gravitate towards the coconut range, there's just something about it, maybe its just more summery to me, I just love it! Thats one of the main reasons I think this product is perfect; because the scent is just so amazing when you apply it, and it doesn't vanish instantly like some products. 

The purpose of the product is to make your lips much smoother, which it definitely succeeds in. I tend to use this every so often, when I feel I really need it (I then of course get addicted to the coconut and use it just because I love the smell). After wearing this for a few days, applying only sporadically throughout the day, I really can tell the difference. My lips are so much smoother I have no fear in putting any lipstick, lipgloss, lip stain or lip tint on my lips and worrying what they will look like once I've left the house. 

Personally I really do prefer the small pots of lip butter to the lip balms you can buy; they just seem so much more effective, the lip butter soon absorbs into your lips, avoiding that strange slick feeling you can get with some lip balms. Also, although the pot may seem relatively small, it actually goes a long way and can last for quite a while, even when you apply it just for the smell of coconuts like I do, therefore I think it is great value for money, as one pot costs £4.00 and lasts a long time.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Nivea SOS Hand Balm

Product: Nivea,  SOS Hand Balm, Rescue & Care 
Source: Superdrug
Price: Around £3.65 - depending on store
Rating: 5 / 5

Since we are now approaching summer (too fast for my wardrobe I may add) I thought I would quickly write a post about a product which has seen me through the winter months and that to be honest, I will seriously miss! I won't miss the reason I have to use it, but never before have a found such an effective product, and trust me, with the way my hands hate the winter months, I have tried MANY products!

For me winter is great, I love wearing different hats, gloves, scarves to match my mood or outfit, but what I hate is dry hands! My skin seems to have an aversion to the cold, not that I blame it, but it is annoying to say the least. I try new hand creams each year, going through at least ten different options, realising none of them really work as well as I hoped when i bought them. That is until Nivea SOS hand balm made its way into my life!

There is no need to apply this product ten times a day just for it to appear as though its working; personally I can't wear hand cream whilst studying, because as a Maths student, we use a pen and paper ratherr than typing, which can be difficult when wearing hand cream. So I simply apply this when watching TV, reading a book or whenever I feel I have the time. And it actually works! I no longer had to worry about my hands being dry! The product doesn't need to be applied liberally either, so it will last a few weeks, which for such a small price and small tub is great!

I will definitely be looking forward to next winter now, rather than dreading dry hands!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

What I'm Waiting For...

I recently saw on the Boots website that the Seventeen range is releasing a foundation that aims to give you clearer skin in four weeks: Seventeen - On The Spot Foundation. Part of me thinks this may be too good to be true, but on the other hand, I can't wait!

I always think I need to take all my makeup off to help my skin get fresh air and so that I can apply a multitude of different products, all at different times of the year (I learnt the difficult way that bombarding your skin with five different products will not improve it five times quicker). Yet, when I apply my foundation I feel so much better hiding those little things that I hate about my face! It's like a lose - lose situation.

If this foundation actually works, which I seriously hope, then I will be able to apply my foundation in the morning, guilt free, wear it until I am certain I will not be seen by anyone other than Chloe (my adorable dog) and then remove it and cleanse my face as normal, minus the getting home and using my anti-blemish products (which I still would love, but may not need) and avoiding everyone else in the house. Not to mention, that after four weeks I should have less and less blemishes, meaning I will not mind applying less makeup, just in time for summer! This is a win - win situation!

I will be buying this product as soon as I can, so I will write a review about it once I have actually seen how it works!

OPI Gel Nails

Now, I should probably start with a confession... I have no idea what the name of the colour on my nails is! I have looked everywhere and I mean, blogs, OPI website, anywhere I can think of and I just can't find the name of the nail varnish, or even a picture that is remotely similar to the nails I have at the moment! So if you know the name of the nail polish in the picture, I would be so grateful if you could leave a comment, as I love the colour and I want to know which colour to ask for at my local nail salon next time!

That being said, I couldn't not write a post about the gel manicure I had over a week ago because my nails still haven't chipped! I have tested them too, washing up, typing etc and they still look as good as when I left the nail salon!

The process of having gel nails takes approximately twenty minutes and they are solid as soon as you stand up from the chair, which when you're rifling through your handbag for your purse is amazing!
All together it is extremely similar to a normal manicure, except after each coat of nail polish you have to put your nails under an LED lamp for 30seconds or so.

The only part I was slightly apprehensive about was when the manicurist started filing the tops of my nails all over so they were rougher for the gel to adhere to. They looked a bit worse for wear, but it was necessary to get the gel to have a two week guarantee.

All in all I would definitely reccommend the gel manicure by OPI. However, I am saying this before I have had the gel taken off, which from what I have heard, can be a bit more tricky than normal nail varnish, so I will have to write a separate review on the removal process. Yet, for now I am very pleased with my manicure!

Reason for hiatus...

I am currently revising for my first year Maths exams at University, which obviously takes up a lot of time and is top priority on my to do list at the moment!

I will try to post what I can during the next few weeks; but I told myself that the past few weeks and we all know that clearly didn't go to plan (this being my FIRST post this month)! But I still aim to make more of an effort, as we all need revision breaks at some stage!
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